Lyric saved my sanity & my wardrobe. I made an appointment with Dena for the All Inclusive Package. I HATE SHOPPING. I get severe anxiety at the thought of a crowded mall or dressing room, but Dena made it SO easy! First, she came over & (very gently) helped me purge my closet. She didn’t argue when I wouldn’t part with my sentimental leather jacket, but INSISTED I ditch the super late-90s short sleeve blazer (thank you)! Then we went out for a few hours into the madness. She stuck strictly to my budget, pulled items I never would have selected for myself but loved, & helped me round out my wardrobe with staples I didn’t even think of as staples (I now own white jeans and ACTUALLY wear them). She is a style genius & will be brutally honest, even if you think you like something; if it doesn’t look good, she’ll tell you. On the flip side, one of the dresses she insisted I buy commands compliments every time I wear it. I wish I’d bought the same dress in 15 colors.

The long and the short of it is that every woman (& man) should have at least one Lyric appointment. It’s a learning experience as well as a wardrobe-reviving dream.

-Jamie,  31

Lyric, & Dena in particular, were referred to me by a friend & I am so happy that they were! Working with Dena was fun, enlightening & empowering. She helped to take my closet back from the massive mosh pit that it had become. Finding hidden treasure that I had forgotten about & helping me to discover new gems I didn’t even know I possessed. From there, she designed an attack plan for a shopping excursion that made the most impact into what I really needed, without sacrificing my sanity, all while coming in well under budget. Working with Lyric on improving my wardrobe was an amazing experience. One I hope to repeat with my soon to be necessary Summer wardrobe.

-Samantha, 34

If I could describe working with Dena in one word it would be — FUN! Sometimes going through your closet can become a daunting task, but she made the process seriously well worth it. We were able to get rid of things that I hadn’t worn in years, & she helped me to let go of them (not an easy task). We also found items I forgot I even had, tags still on, because I have never known how to incorporate them into an outfit that made sense. My wardrobe is so much cleaner & I now have a much better understanding of what I own & what to do with it. I very much appreciated Dena’s knowledge, advice, & sense of humor throughout the entire process. I’d trust her with my closet any day. I am looking forward to working with her again soon.

-Whitney, 28

I was in a pinch & needed a birthday dress two days before my birthday bash in San Francisco. I got a hold of Lyric & let them know what style of dress I imagined in my head. I literally only had an hour & a half that day to find the perfect dress. I met with Dena at a local boutique & she was there before me with a dressing room full of dresses for my to try on. I ended up finding the perfect one, as well as tried on other pieces I never would have chosen for myself that looked great. She was super helpful, knew all the ladies in the boutique, & was there by my side to give me honest opinions & different sizes when I needed them. I would highly recommend Styled by Lyric to anyone who has a busy schedule & wants results.

-Claudia,  27

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