How Did I Get Here

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Seeing as this is my first post, I suppose I should divulge into all of the who, what, when, where, and whys about this page & why I believe it deserves a place in the blogesphere, so here goes…

My name is Dena & I am a Personal Stylist. My company is called Lyric {styledbylyric} & I want to change the way people view the fashion industry. I want fashion to inspire & empower us & bring us together, not divide. I want to help foster personal style through people of every age, race, background and body type. I want to liberate the every day consumer & remind them of their value & their voice through the tangible items in their personal wardrobe.

My blog will provide an outlet for those interested in personal style, fashion, textiles, & design. I want my followers to read my posts & forget where they are for those few moments; to be transported to a fantastical place of vision & creativity. I want to be a bridge that connects the timid & fearful consumer to the whimsical & magical world of fashion. I want the daunting fashion industry to be seamless & attainable for everyone.

I can only hope that this blog will be an outlet for us & that it will motivate it’s followers to get up & remember why you are so incredibly beautiful & wonderful.

Let your wardrobe do the talking.


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