make the shoe fit


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about shoes lately & wanted to address a few key rules to this seemingly confusing area of the fashion world. So here goes…

Round Toe: a round toe shoe [also known as an “almond toe”] gives a much more classic feel to an outfit. Whether it be a cute mary jane or a great pump, round toe shoes are well-suited for those with long, lean legs. This style of shoe is also ideal for those with larger feet, as it makes the feet appear small & more compact.

Pointed toe: a pointed toe shoe adds a more tailored feel to an outfit. Versatility is the name of the game with this style of heel, flat or bootie. The look is perfect from day-to-night & works best for women with short, thick legs, as it elongates the thinnest part of the limb [even more so in nude & cream tones].

As for color requirements- there really are none! Shoes are the most unique part of a wardrobe, as they allow for freedom & creativity to help elevate an entire outfit. There’s nothing more exciting than wearing a simple LBD with a fantastically vibrant pump or boot to make heads spin. The most important element of personal style is choosing items that YOU like, not what the pushy sales person says you should like. Just remember that fit is everything & the rest is yours to decide. If only everything in life were this liberating!

Happy hunting. Xx.

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