The Big Reveal

20140414-170847.jpg20140414-170854.jpgI figured it was probably time for me to debut the face behind the words & show that I really am a fashion-friendly, credible source for all things style & wardrobe.

I made myself one major promise upon starting Lyric & this blog in it’s entirety & it was that I refuse to relentlessly post pictures of myself on here. I want this part of the blogesphere to be about my readers & [potential] clients & about helping them identify their own personal style, not to mimic mine. However, if you find yourself inspired by any of my pictures, outfits, jewelry, etc., when they seldom do appear on the blog please don’t hesitate to reach out & inquire!

So here it is. Me. A shameless car selfie [taken on my iPhone]. Today’s fit & gems. & some major post-manicure debris.

Happy Monday, babes! Xx.

6 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. You look beautiful!! It’s hard to reveal yourself for the first time on your blog 😉


    1. You are so unbelievably sweet to reach out and say that! It truly was a bit scary to show my face, but incredibly empowering also! Thank you for following the blog and, frankly, for making my night! Much love, xx.


  2. Thank you for revealing yourself and ending the mystery 😉 you look great and if you occasionally decide to post a picture of yourself, I think that would still be very different from “relentlessly” posting pictures all over. Just my humble opinion 🙂 you’re doing a great job!


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