How To Begin

I’ve been talking with men & women lately about their experiences with personal style & what it means to them; how do they define it, where do they find inspiration & how do they select items that relate to them. But my overall finding is this: they don’t. They either don’t know how, don’t know why, or just simply don’t even know where to begin. & it’s incredibly sad & frustrating to me that we’ve created a society that throws clothes over their body, without regard, because the tools haven’t been [either] taught or made available.

Thus. Today, I’m helping these deserving humans out.

In five simple steps, I’ve broken down the easiest ways to just get started; help find what pieces work for you & your body, how to find inspiration without simply mimicking others, & generate a wardrobe that speaks volumes for who you are.

Here goes…


Step 1: get inspired. Think about what genre you tend to feel most comfortable in; rocker, prep, beach, etc. What are your best outfits? What shapes & colors make you feel sexiest? What are you drawn to while shopping? List them & store this list somewhere safe, for those tantrums moments where you just can’t find anything to wear.

street style

Step 2: quit posing. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Frankly, I just think it’s annoying. However, no one said finding inspiration by another’s wardrobe & style is the same thing. Take notes on what outfits stand out to you on the street & why you’re drawn towards particular men//women’s style. Record each piece you like [whether mentally or physically] & re-create these looks with your own personal pieces & color palette.


Step 3: know your staples. These are the items in your wardrobe that you simply can’t live without & wear to death. & keep at it. Not all the time & not all at once, but once you identify why you love these wardrobe workhorses, find similar cuts, colors, patterns [whatever it is that draws you to them over & over again] on your next shopping spree.

new things

Step #4: get uncomfortable. I know I habitually preach comfort over everything, but this is the one space in which discomfort will actually grow you. Try new patterns & shapes & cuts & genres. Throw those leather pants on, try the high-waisted denim, purchase the crop top…whatever you typically steer away from. You’re bound to strike out from time to time, but keep trying. The only way to truly identify what your wardrobe says about you is to specifically know what you love & hate. You think Olivia Palermo just stumbled into her perfect style? Me thinks not.


Step #5: take the acclaim. As someone who gets incredibly awkward & weird everytime I get a compliment, I know first hand that it can feel strange, but take them & mentally note each one. This validation is the entire reason you spend money on these items in the first place, & will help you know which pieces are working flawlessly on your body & not.

Style is earned; it’s something that is constantly evolving & changing. Sometimes you’ll feel inclined to work at it & other times you’ll just want to sustain, & each of these feelings is fine. So long as there is an underlying goal & understanding that all of this work is helping to create a better you. That’s always worth working for.

Here’s to new beginnings, babes.



summertime & the living should be easy


The warm air is creeping in & Summer is drawing near, which means BBQ’s, music festivals & way less clothing. This idea is terrifying for some of my readers & liberating for others, so let’s come together & hash this thing out.

First things first: know & trust what your body is telling you. The entire concept behind purchasing clothing & building a wardrobe is to build one that fits your lifestyle & body. If you know that shorts will never be a staple in your wardrobe, then opt for a beautifully breathable maxi dress instead. If you fear showing off your arms, grab a capped-sleeve, loose fitting tee & play around with skirts & denim for an effortless Summer look. For my boho babes, wide legged, printed pants are everywhere this season, so snatch up your favorite pair & team them with a great tank or crop.

The biggest additive to any & every look are accessories. Throwing on a great hat, a scarf to add print or color, or some bright necklaces can change the entirety of an outfit. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for the coming season:



FULL LOOKS [for inspiration]:

And last but absolutely not least, promise me you will try each new piece of your wardrobe on as an entire outfit. Too often my clients get frustrated trying clothes on because they aren’t putting the whole look together, but rather team tops & bottoms together that aren’t conceptual. Find a complimentary item to try on in the store [whether purchasing it or not] to give a realistic interpretation of the outfit as a whole & prevent frustrations & returns later.

I’m so excited for this warm weathered season & to watch the creativity of my readers build throughout. Just be sure to remind yourself that fashion is about building a wardrobe that fits YOUR lifestyle & body. Happy shopping!