Shamp Champ

If your life is anything like mine you get to enjoy about 5 minutes a day to yourself, usually consisting of a self-to-self convo about life while in the shower. But actually allotting some time to deep clean my hair with lavish products …well that’s just a distant memory of the 90s, when Spice Girls were my everything & painting my nails daily was my biggest stressor.  The thought of taking an hour long, hot bath [pre-California drought might I add], is something I can only dream about now.


But there is hope; I’ve got the game changer. I pawn it off to every single one of my clients, friends, family members, & strangers on the street that have stressful lives & want to still feel kempt & beautiful. & ladies I am here to tell you, the secret to end all secrets, the cure all for hectic ass lifestyles, the product to end all arduous morning routines is… dry shampoo.

Noooooo, I’m not super slow on the draw. I’ve known that this magic fairy dust has existed for years now, but it’s time to identify which ones actually work & which one’s just make you feel like you’re working on your Summer dreads. Because there’s nothing worse than finding a product that you think will help your cause, only to have to spend another two hours returning it because it sucked.

So here are my top five dry shampoo evaluations, to help your day run that much smoother & keep your hair on fleek [that’s a thing, right?].


#5: Although not my favorite dry shampoo, Not Your Mother’s is definitely a contender. With an amazing smell, this baby will take the oils out of your hair & bring your roots back to life. Revives hair for about 24-48 hours.

Downside: for someone with long locks like myself, I had to use nearly half of the bottle to achieve a cleaner look & it left my hair feeling weighed down.


#4: Umberto’s dry shampoo is so light weight it feels like you’re spraying pixie dust in your hair. It’s truly residue-free & freshens your hair. Not to mention, it’s only $9.

Downside: for thicker hair like mine, I needed a product with a little more oomph. Better suited for babes with fine hair.


#3: I loved Drybar’s dry shampoo. The smell is heavenly, it lifts oils out of hair & contains zero sulfates or parabens [hugely important for ladies with long hair]. The product is amazing for those who want quality & a solid brand. Not to mention, my color-treated babes can safely use this product without hindering their fresh dye job.

Downside: $22 is a serious investment for someone like me who uses a bottle every two weeks. & at 3.4oz, I’ll need to be buying in bulk.


#2: TRESemme’s dry shampoo was the first I ever tried & I have been loyal ever since. The price is right, I love that it’s clay based [lifts oils without stripping] & it helps add serious texture to lifeless hair. Sometimes I’ll use this product after a fresh blow-dry just to add consistency & volume.

Downside: their [supposed] 4.3oz sized product has me buying it every single week.


#1: Klorane Dry Shampoo is the first brand I’ve found that truly makes my hair feel healthier, given it’s oat milk base. I love that this brand comes in tinted formulas, eliminating the fear of going grey if you use too much. Many other dry shampoo’s can create long-term damage [drying, stripping of good oils in the hair, etc.], but Klorane focuses on healing hair, while eliminating the need for daily washes.

Downside: although Klorane certainly does it’s job, I had hoped for a stronger scent. Removing oils is the goal, but I would’ve liked to have had a fresh scent to top it all off [enter: morning-after in Vegas, smoke-filled locks].

So the next time you find yourself running out the door with your seven screaming kids, your kale smoothie spilling all over you, your dog barking at the neighbor, & you remember that you’re out of gas before your next appointment, at least you’ll know that your hair game is strong & you can take that #selfie that your tween daughter wants to take, as if nothing in this life phases you. Because girl, you got this.

I hope all of you beautiful, mad, wild, hectic goddesses are having a wonderful Monday.

Happy Shampooing.



Give Me Wings


Everywhere I look I see wings…no, I’m not delusional, I’m talking about the design that is CRUSHING the scene now more than ever; ‘winged’ handbags. They’re on every street corner from New York, to Paris, to San Francisco, but were truly made famous by Phoebe Philo, the creative director behind Céline, when she took the helm in 2008.

In a perfect world, my closet would house about 300 of her handbags, each color of course, to match my every outfit. I’d throw them over my shoulder like they cost me nothing & would even consider using them as I transitioned into mommy-hood. BUT this is the real world & dropping $2,500 on a bag to carry your crap around just isn’t everyone’s reality. Thus, I’ve found some major resources in hopes that you, too, can hone in on your inner designer-handbag-love through mediums that actually fit your budget parameters.

Below are my six favorite Céline-inspired bags that I think you’ll LOVE [& did I mention that they’re all under $100…yeah.] Let’s go!

Click-through to shop:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.17.18 AMForever 21, $27.80

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.18.16 AMForever 21, $32.80

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.18.57 AMCharming Charlie, $35.00
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.18.32 AMTarget, $39.99

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.30.18 AMTarget, $49.99

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.19.09 AMFrancesca’s, $58.00

The goal behind Lyric is to make fashion relatable & attainable for every single person. I hope this post inspires you to go out & seek your own individual pieces for your wardrobe, regardless of your financial status. Personal style can be so fun & really AFFORDABLE, it’s just a matter of opening your eyes & seeing the possibilities. 

Happy Styling, babes.