Rear View


I’ve debated taking on this next topic for fear that it may offend, however, after having witnessed far too many saggy booties the past few days, I’ve decided it’s time…

Let’s talk butts.

Denim is one of the most wearable fabrics & can make any body type incredibly sexy, if worn properly. More often than not I see pockets that are ill-fit for the bodies wearing them & would like to break down the best shaped jeans for the best buns. Here goes:

  • Flat booty babes: be bold; denim with flap pockets & detailing [no rhinestones, ever] will add volume & shape to your rear. Seek jeans with pockets that are placed high on the butt, as this gives a rounder look.
  • Wide booty babes: less is more; medium sized, central-placed pockets make the butt appear smaller & creates an optical illusion by breaking up the expanse of the butt. Be sure to stay away from embellishments & details & always remember: flap pockets are your nemesis.
  • Saggy booty babes: lift & fit; loose fitting denim is not your friend. Tight, fitted denim is ideal for your body type. Avoid long pockets & opt for high-seated ones to help give the illusion of a lift; the bottom of the pockets should never sit lower than the very top of the leg.

Lastly, be sure to respect your waistline & it’s true fit. There are few things more tragic than a perfect pocket & an ill-fitting waist. Muffin top has never & will never be a look; if need-be, always hop a size up & invest in a great belt. Think longevity & future wear, not what will fit for the next day or so if you skip out on your morning coffee & croissant.

Much love & happy hunting. Xx.

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