Reunited & It Feels So Good

WE’RE BACKKKKK. Can you believe it?! Three years, people. That’s longer than most of our clothes lives in our closets. But we’re here and we’re ready to crunch out some new content for our tried and true Lyric followers out there.

But this year, we want to shift the focus on to our readers. What struggles do you have when staring down the barrel of your wardrobe? What frustrates you when getting ready? Do you dress for yourself or others? Do you need help organizing your closet and why? Do retailers provide enough variety for you? Do you suffer from body image issues? If so, how do you deal with them while searching for new pieces? Are you ever overwhelmed by trends or social media fashion suggestions?

All of these topics and more are the life blood of Lyric and our message, but we want to hear directly from readers as to why they seek out resources such as ours. So go ahead babe, let it ALL out in our comment portion, because we’re ready to get 2019 going and get back to BIZNASSSSS.


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  1. Losing a sense of myself and personality in my wardrobe. Back when I was younger, I had more
    Time and effort to put in, my body was easier to dress. And I felt like I actually had a style that represents my personality.

    Now the older I get it’s harder to find age appropriate clothes, and I’ve lost a sense of style within my wardrobe. I have a harder time piecing together items.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. As a 30 year old women, I find myself dreading fitting room lighting (and frankly, the entire experience).

      I think as we age we have to be realistic about what styles work for us and which ones we have to finally say goodbye to.

      I always work from the legs up; I find my “bottom” piece (skirt, jeans, pants, etc.) then work from there. If I’m wearing a wide-leg pant I usually team it with a flowing top, or a short top and a layer (cardigan, jacket) to elongate. If I choose a skinny/straight leg pant, I usually pair it with a tucked piece (tee shirt tucked, cami tucked, etc.) Allowing the “bottom” piece to dictate the rest of my outfit.

      I’ve found that this helps steer me (and my ever-difficult adult body) in the right direction in that moment.

      I’ve also found that my style is not definitive. Meaning, I allow the weather, my mood, whether I’m bloated, have curly hair, straight hair, makeup on or not…all of these things dictate my styles personality that day.

      Lastly, if you do plan to go out (full face of makeup) TRY YOUR OUTFIT ON ONLY WHEN YOUR FACE IS ON. I can’t even count how many times I’ve hated an entire outfit until my lashes and brows were on. It changes the entire look; an outfit is head to toe, not just the in-between.

      The short and sweet of it: trust your body and it’s natural intuition. You will guide yourself through your wardrobe based on the appropriation of your mood, so trust that. Also, if you find something is too “old” or too “adult”, add a fun, loud piece to spice it up. i.e. a funky leather jacket, or an outrageous heel. It keeps you feeling young AND authentic.



  2. Mom body 😕 so my body has completely changed to this curvy womanly figure I used to be a stick literally long and slender. I do not hate my body what so ever I earned every stretch mark, to have a beautiful baby. I just have no idea where to shop these days. Where can I find mom appropriate clothes. I can not run around in half of my crop tops or short dresses…. I will be chasing a toddler around soon…. do you have suggestions? Items I should be looking at? All I wear now is sporty stuff basically leggings and sweaters with Nikes I don’t want to just wear sporty stuff I miss jeans but I need jeans with stretch do to the curves …. help please i can forever rant but I am just in need of guidance.


    1. First of all, I’m virtually hugging you for all that you do and stand for as a mama. Motherhood changes literally EVERYTHING, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up our identity.

      As a very curvy woman myself, I struggle with finding pieces that work for ME and who I see in the mirror.

      I swear by #Topshop ‘s denim; it’s super stretchy and allows for all my curves to be hugged exactly as I want. They also offer so many different styles; skinny, flared, wide leg, straight leg…the list goes on.

      #Express is also VERY mindful of a woman’s true shape and curvature. Their denim (and tops) have always been flatting on me, but my only complaint would be their denim pockets…

      A major factor in curvy-babe shopping is being mindful of the pockets on denim/pants. Pockets are everythinggggggg. The smaller the pocket, the larger your ass..ets will appear. The larger the pocket, the more coverage, thus thinning out the area. Everything with style comes down to balance; balancing out the visual of the features we either appreciate or don’t.

      If you don’t like your thighs, add an elongating piece like a long jacket, coat, or cardigan. If you don’t like your arms, layer up with form-fitted long sleeves, a cap sleeve, or a racer back tank (forces focus to the neck and collarbones, versus the arms).

      Aside from Topshop, I usually find myself browsing through #Nordstrom, #Anthropologie, #VICI, #ASOS, #Target and #Revolve. And my deep dark secret………even #Forever21. YES, I did just say that. Because truly, it isn’t necessarily a store issue, so much as it’s a comfort issue.

      I have found myself countless times in a Brandy Melville with 12-18 year olds running all around me, yet I walk out with pieces that I not only love, but feel confident in. You have to identify what it is about the outfits you do find yourself loving.

      Homework: for the next few weeks, try new things; see what works for you and what simply makes you go “ew”. Jot down some notes and see if there are similarities with certain pieces/outfits. If so, those are your go-tos.

      And in conclusion, if you still need a little advice, I found this article ( years ago and swear by it. Adulting (or mom-ing) doesn’t mean you have to throw away your personality or fun, it just means recognizing what pieces make you feel like your absolute best YOU.

      Thanks for your feedback babe! xx.


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