Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine

Have you ever found that every time you wear that one particular top people consistently throw compliments your way? Or that certain dress that makes you feel absolutely out of your mind beautiful? It’s more than likely that these pieces are working within your color wheel. Believe it or not, your kindergarten teacher did have a purpose behind teaching you every color of the rainbow & now is your time to use it.

A person’s eye color is entirely complimentary of their clothing & wardrobe. You weren’t given those perfectly placed eyeballs for nothing, so lets find what accents yours & help them truly shine.

The best colors for:

  • Blue Eyes: neutrals, navy, black & white should overtake your closet, but add in there some rosy reds, blush pinks, cobalt blues, lemon & soft greens to truly make your eyes the focal point of your outfit.
  • Green Eyes: olive, forrest green, plum, lavender & deep purples are your go-to’s. Black & navy come in as a close second, but can often times wash out the heavy green hue to your eyes. Swap out yellow for gold & pale blue for pear & you’ll be show-stopping.
  • Brown Eyes: blueberry, turquoise, reds, oranges, soft yellows, & pastels will bring out the rich caramel color in your eyes. Opt out on black & try taupe instead, as well as olives, greens & plenty of whites to highlight the beautiful darkness in your eyes.

Following these basic color wheel rules will help you identify [much more fluidly] your own personal style & palette & will make this Summer’s shopping spree that much more authentic.

Stay tuned for more color wheel advice & tips…Xx.